Secondhand Smoke

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The resources and information you'll find on this page are designed for business owners and employers who are looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce employee absenteeism, and cut costs. These resources will show you how helping your employees quit using tobacco will benefit your company financially and improve the health of your employees. Read on to learn about the many benefits of embracing a tobacco-free atmosphere for your company.

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Tobacco Cessation Improves Your Bottom Line

Providing resources to help your employees quit using tobacco is the single most effective health benefit you can provide to your employees.

Tobacco use results in huge costs to the state as a whole and to employers in particular. Smokers consume more health care resources, experience greater absenteeism, and tend to be less productive while at work. The estimated costs to the health care system for treating smoking-related illness are more than $369 million in Utah.

Lower Costs

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Average workers compensation costs for a smoker are $2,189 each year.  Average workers compensation for a non-smoker is much less, $176 per year.
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Fire insurance is commonly reduced 25%-50% in smoke-free businesses. Your risk of experiencing structural damage to your facilities from fires will decrease.

Reduce Liability

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Eliminate potential legal fees. Employees can file lawsuits against your company if they feel that they are being exposed to SHS.
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Eliminate claims based on violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Protect Employee Health

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Tobacco cessation reduces your employee's risk of getting lung cancer, heart disease, heart attack, upper respiratory infections. Reducing the risk of these diseases will reduce health care costs.

Reduce Absenteeism

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Smokers miss an average of 6.2 days of work each year compared to non-smokers who miss only 3.9 days of work per year.
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Eliminating smoking decreases disability time by 2.5 years for men and 1.9 years for women.

Increase Productivity and Morale

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Fewer smoke breaks means increased productivity for your employees.
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Your company will become more attractive to future employees since most Utahns do not smoke.


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