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The Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) at the Utah Department of Health and its partners, use comprehensive strategies to reduce tobacco use and tobacco-related disease and death. Our primary goals are to help tobacco users quit, prevent youth from starting to use tobacco, protect Utahns and visitors to the state from secondhand smoke, and to eliminate tobacco-related disparities. Our primary focus is on developing strategies and implementing activities that will prevent the use of tobacco altogether and at the same time implementing and supporting activities that will control or alleviate the negative health effects of direct use or the indirect exposure to tobacco.

Position Statement on Tobacco

The Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control Program and statewide partners have developed a position statement regarding the use of tobacco products. View the position statement.

Additional Information About the Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

For additional facts and data, access the current Utah Annual Tobacco Prevention and Control Report PDF. It includes a more comprehensive look at tobacco use in Utah vs. that of the United States. It includes charts, graphs, and county-by-county information on tobacco-use.

Contact Us

We are here to help.If you have any questions about the effects of tobacco let us get the answers for you. If you are thinking about quitting, we can steer you towards the types of program and assistance that will help you succeed.

You can reach us by telephone at: 1.877.220.3466. Or if you prefer contact us by email:


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