Utah Tobacco Disparities: A History

Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities.
-The CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health fourth goal.

Although Utah’s overall smoking rates are low, prevalence of tobacco use varies among different population groups. In a state with low smoking rates, identifying those at increased risk for tobacco use and working toward eliminating disparities is of particular importance.


The TPCP initiated the first year of a five year funding cycle for the Ethnic Networks. Four community based organizations representing the identified ethnic populations were awarded funding and took on the identity of a network. The following community-based organizations were awarded and became tobacco networks for the length of the contract:


At the end of the five year Ethnic Network grant cycle the TPCP decided to expand the mission of the Ethnic Networks by becoming Disparity Networks, adding an additional network, and changing the 5-year structure to follow a basic program-planning model. The current Disparity Networks are:


Current Status

The Disparity Networks were each awarded a 5-year continual grant that will expire in FY2015.


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