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Ending Nicotine Dependence (END)

Need Help to Quit Smoking?

Join the Ending Nicotine Dependence, (END), Program. Helping you quit is what we do. To find out more about the END program in your area, telephone 1-800-QUIT.NOW (toll free in Utah) or go to the Utah Tobacco Cessation Directory-Teen.

What is END?

END is a tobacco cessation program designed especially for teens. The program builds skills and knowledge concerning tobacco use to help those who want to quit succeed.

Information for Adults and Professionals

If you are an adult or professional who would like more information about the Ending Nicotine Dependence Program please go to the Ending Nicotine Dependence Information for Adults and Professionals Page.

END Program Reports

END Program Evaluation January-December 2004
Detailed summary and recommendations of the END Program based on surveys collected during calendar year 2004.


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Data and Reports


Know why you want to quit?

Research indicates that if you're thinking about quitting, you may actually overemphasize what you "get" from using tobacco. One effective method for dealing with this is to focus on reasons you want to quit instead. Take a few minutes and write down 10 reasons why you want to quit. Keep this list in a place you can get to easily. Review these reasons daily, the more you emphasize the reasons you want to quit, the more likely you will not slip.

Take the Challenge.

Find a small, pocket-size notebook. Each time you want to a cigarette or chew, take out your notebook and write a few thoughts: what time is it, what's your mood, who are you with, where are you? Write in your journal each time you use tobacco, for up to 3 days. After you have 10 journal entries, review what you've written. See any patterns or trends?