END Information for Adults and Professionals

What is END?

The Ending Nicotine Dependence (END) program is the result of a two year effort to develop a youth specific tobacco cessation program.

The program not only builds skills and knowledge concerning tobacco use. It also focuses on developing a wide variety of social skills, including communication, stress management, decision making, goal setting, nutrition and physical activity. The modules consist of techniques to influence teen tobacco users’ knowledge, attitudes, intentions, beliefs, self-awareness, and self-efficacy. END is appropriate for implementation in schools, community agencies, and juvenile court districts and is designed for use with junior and senior high school smokers and smokeless tobacco users.

Ongoing evaluation, updates, and facilitator trainings assure Utah youth the opportunity to participate in a state-of-the art program.

Why is a youth quitting program necessary?

In Utah more than 10,000 high school students used tobacco products each month. This represents approximately 8% of Utah's high school students. Based on a recent survey, the average age of tobacco use initiation is 13(Utah Prevention Needs Assessment 2011). Each day, nearly 4,000 kids in the United States try their first cigarette and an additional 1,000 kids under 18 years of age become new regular, daily smokers. That's nearly 400,000 new underage daily smokers in this country each year(Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, 2011). Nearly 90 percent of all adult smokers begin while in their teens, or earlier, and two-thirds become regular, daily smokers before they reach the age of 19. (Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, 2011).

How can I become an END facilitator?

If you live in Utah END facilitator training is available free of charge and held throughout the state. Please contact Camille Cook at (801) 538-6883 to sign up to attend a free END facilitator training. If you do not live in Utah you are not required to attend a training prior to facilitating the class. However, you are welcome to attend a training in Utah.

How can I order END materials?

Please complete an order form: END order form (pdf) 

Who should I contact for more information about END?

If you would like more information about the END program or would like to request a copy of the program to preview, please contact:

Camille Cook
Utah Department of Health
END Coordinator
PO Box 142106
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2106

Telephone: (801) 538-6883 or (877) 220-3466 (toll-free; in-state)




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Utah Tobacco Facts 2010

Jan. 7, 2010

The Utah Tobacco Facts Report provides an overview of tobacco use as well as health and economic indicators associated with smoking among Utah's adult and youth populations. more...



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