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Benefits of Tobacco Prevention and Control Efforts

Utah's investment in a comprehensive Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) is paying off. Since tobacco restitution funds were first allocated to the TPCP in 2000, Utah has seen impressive reductions in smoking.

If tobacco rates had not changes as a results of Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) funding, our state would have 92,500 additional smokers! This is equivalent to one-half of the entire population of Salt Lake City or roughly twice the maximum capacity of Disneyland!

Since funding was received in 1999, Utah has experienced a 33 percent decline in adult smoking. If tobacco use rates had not changed, Utah would have 85,000 more adult smokers (4 times the maximum capacity of the Energy Solutions Arena or 170 fully loaded jumbo jets0.

If tobacco use rates had not changed as a result of MSA funds, Utah would have 6,200 more smokers in high school (more than 3 times the student population of East High School or 280 high school classes).

If tobacco use rates had not changes as a result of MSA funds, Utah would have 1,300 more pregnant smokers (58 kindergarten classes filled with children whose health would be affected by prenatal smoking).

Reductions in smoking save the lives and money of Utahns.

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It Isn't Over

Much remains to be done to counter aggressive tobacco industry marketing. A long-term commitment to tobacco control is necessary to continue to save lives and reduce tobacco-related costs.



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