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State Sponsored Tobacco Cessation Benefits

Help is Available

The Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control Program funds serveral services that help people quit smoking or chewing tobacco.


All Utahns
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Information and referral services through the Utah Tobacco Quit Line
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Intensive cessation counseling through the Utah Tobacco Quit Line
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Online information and a support group through Utah QuitNet

Medicaid and Primary Care Network (PCN) Population
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Zyban cessation treatment for enrollees 21+ through Medicaid Health Plans
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Nicotine replacement therapy and local support programs for pregnant mothers only (no age restrictions) through Medicaid Health Plans (Talk to Health Program Representative for more information).

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Uninsured community health center clients may obtain 12 weeks of Zyban smoking cessation treatment free of charge through participating Association for Utah Community Health community health centers.
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Many areas offer teen cessation classes, such as the END (Ending Nicotine Dependence) and NOT (Not on Tobacco).

Eligibility for state-sponsored cessations benefits is subject to change without notice based on funding levels
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