Tobacco Laws

Utah Tobacco Laws At-a-Glance

Accessing Utah Tobacco Laws

This section is designed to allow quick access to specific state youth access laws. It highlights those laws that retailers have had questions about. However, there may be other laws that apply. To find statutes and rules not included in this page go to the Utah State Legislature website.


76-10-104 Providing a  cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco to a minor- Penalties
76-10-104.1 Providing Tobacco Paraphernalia to minors- Penalties
76-10-105 Buying or possessing a cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco by minors- Penalty- Compliance officer authority- Juvenile court jurisdiction


10-8-41.6 Regulation of retail tobacco specialty business
17-50-333 Regulation of retail tobacco specialty business
26-42-101 to 107 Civil penalties for tobacco sales to underage persons
76-10-103 Permitting minors to use tobacco in place of business
76-10-105.1 Requirement of direct, face-to-face sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

Licensing and Distribution

59-14-201 (Tobacco) license--fee-bond--exceptions
59-14-202 Issuance of (tobacco)licenses -- Common carrier licenses -- Contents -- Valid for three years -- Revocation -- Distribution requirements. (single cigarette sales)
59-14-203 Selling without a license -- Penalty
59-14-501   Warning labels required.(smokeless tobacco)
59-14-502    Requirements for placement of warning labels. (smokeless tobacco)
76-10-102 Cigarettes and tobacco -- Advertising restrictions -- Warnings in smokeless tobacco advertisements
76-10-105.3 Prohibition of sale or gift of clove cigarettes
76-10-111 Prohibition of gift or free distribution of smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes-- Exceptions
76-10-112 Prohibition of distribution of cigarettes or other tobacco products--Exceptions
53-7-501, 502, 503 Regulation of Novelty Lighters

Secondhand Smoke Laws

26-38-1 to 9 Utah Indoor Clean Air Act(Statute)
R392-510- 1-14 Utah Indoor Clean Air Act(Rule)
General Overview Second Hand Smoke Amendments
41-6a-1717 Smoking in a vehicle prohibited when child is present

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