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Landlords and Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Secondhand Smoke and Multi-Unit Housing

Secondhand smoke (SHS) caused by nearby neighbors can have a bad impact on the residents who live in your apartment or condominium community. State and local health departments often get calls from residents who are bothered by SHS drifting into their unit. Secondhand smoke from one unit can seep through cracks, or travel through a shared ventilation system and enter into another person's living space. As a landlord, this creates problems in dealing with SHS issues.

Smoke-free policies can help property managers/owners protect their residents from the dangers of exposure to SHS and protect the investment in the buildings. Much like smoke-free policies in worksites and other places where the public has access, smoke-free polices in multi-unit housing (MUH) do not keep smokers from renting, but keeps them from smoking inside their unit or buildings.

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How This Section Will Help You

This section has everything you need to ask questions of your tenants, write an addition to your lease that covers a smoke-free policy, and tells you how to go about letting your residents know about the policy. Once you have decided to go smoke free, we can help you to establish a time frame and help assist you in putting the new policy into action.

Become Part of Utah's Smoke-Free Directory

The Utah Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Statewide Directory lists condominiums and rental properties that have adopted a no-smoking policy. This listing is provided as a free service for property managers/owners who wish to list their smoke-free buildings. State and local health departments use the directory when people ask them where they can find smoke-free housing. Go to the Directory now...

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