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Utah Smoke-Free Apartment and Condominium Guide- Signs

Why Signs?

Signs are an easy and effective way to notify guests or other visitors to premises and facilities about the smoking policy. They also serve to remind the apartment and condominium owners and tenants about no-smoking policies.

Several examples of signs that are designed for use in multiple dwelling types of settings are shown below. If you have a color printer you can print the examples shown in the sizes indicated. To view the full size versions click on the sign images. To print "actual size" copies of selected signs click on the "print version" link below each example.

To order signs call 801.538.6754


all units smoke-free

Actual Size 5¾ " x 7½"

print version (PDF 37.7KB)

For the Health of our Residents

Actual Size 7¼" x 3¾"

print version (PDF 23.2KB)

universal no smoking symbol

Actual Size 3½"x 3½"

print version


way to quit

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