Utah Retailer Education-Forms of Identification

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Signs indicating that I.D. will be checked act as a deterrent to underage tobacco buys. However, signs don't replace the careful checking of I.D. and verification of age. The revised Utah Driver's License and Identification cards indicate the day, month, and year that the person presenting the I.D. will turn age 19. This takes the math out of computing the legal age.

Under the requirements of the Federal Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act all tobacco retail outlets are required to ask for identification from anyone who appears younger than the age of 27 and verify that the I.D. presented is legitimate and belongs to the person presenting it. In addition, some retail chains have entered into agreements with the state's Attorney Generals that require requesting I.D. from those who appear older than 27. If you work for a chain, check with your manager to verify if you are required to ask for I.D. for those who appear older than 27 or not.

The following are acceptable forms of I.D. customers may use to purchase tobacco:

The Utah Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division produces a brochure titled Utah Driver Licenses and Identification Cards that describes and shows pictures of the features of these forms of I.D. Access Utah Driver License information.

For more information about Utah Driver Licenses and I.D. cards telephone 801.965.4437



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