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As a manager or owner of a business that sells tobacco or electronic cigarettes there are a number of simple, but effective, steps you can take to prevent underage youth from illegally obtaining tobacco from your business.

Electronic Cigarette Information

The latest version of the Guide includes important updated information about Utah laws that effect where, how, and to whom electronic cigarettes can be sold.

What to Expect From the Guide

Produced by the Utah Department of Health and Utah's twelve local health departments, this Guide:

dark blue box Provides valuable information for educating employees on how to avoid illegal sales of tobacco to underage youth.
dark blue box Provides a stand-alone training program or add to an already existing retail tobacco training program.
dark blue box Provides resources to use in store operations including posters and point-of-sale posters.
dark blue box Lists statewide local health department contacts for all 29 Utah counties.

Your state Tobacco Prevention and Control Program and local health departments are committed to assisting you in your efforts to prevent underage sales. If you have not had the opportunity to meet with your local contacts yet please don't hesitate to let them know your needs. For those who have already taken steps to reduce underage access in your businesses we thank you.

Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Kit (Components)

Main Guide. The complete guide consisting of an overview section, employee section, owner/manager section, a resource section, and a reference section.
Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Guide (PDF 25.8 MB)
En Español (PDF 19.5 MB)

Utah Driver Licenses and I.D. Cards Change. Utah Driver Licenses and ID cards have changed. IDs listed in the Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Guide reflect the previous versions of IDs and will be phased out as they become renewed or replaced.
Utah Driver Licenses and ID cards

Posters, Door Cling, and Register Stickers. Rotating WE I.D. Everyone posters, employee posters, door clings, and register stickers are simple ways to remind both prospective underage buyers as well as employees at the register that your establishment does not sell tobacco products to underage youth and that they shouldn't even try.
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