Utah Tobacco Statistics

Utah Tobacco Statistics


Adult Smoking
Smoking adults 11.3% of Utahns (2011)
Smoking men (18+) 13.2% of Utahn men (2011)
Smoking women (18+) 9.4% of Utahn women (2011)
Pregnant Women 4.5% smoked in their final trimester (2010)
Quit attempts 60% of daily smokers made a serious quit attempt in the past 12 months (2011)
Student Tobacco Use
Smoking students (grades 9-12) 5.9% of Utah students (2011)
Smoking male students (grades 9-12) 7.0% of Utah male students (2011)
Smoking female students (grades 9-12) 4.5% of Utah female students (2011)
Chewing tobacco students (grades 9-12) 3.7% of Utah students (2011)
Second Hand Smoke
Children (ages 0-17) exposed 11,400 of Utah children (1.9%) (2011)
41.4% of Utah adults report breathing secondhand smoke in the past week at indoor and outdoor locations (2011)
Costs (2000-2004)
Deaths related to smoking 1,156 of Utahns
Smoking attributable medical/productivity costs $663 million
Tobacco advertising expenditure in Utah $57.9 million

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Adult Tobacco Use
Youth Tobacco Use
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Research indicates that if you're thinking about quitting, you may actually overemphasize what you "get" from using tobacco. One effective method for dealing with this is to focus on reasons you want to quit instead. Take a few minutes and write down 10 reasons why you want to quit. Keep this list in a place you can get to easily. Review these reasons daily, the more you emphasize the reasons you want to quit, the more likely you will not slip.