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Utah Statewide Smoke-Free Housing Directory

The following is a listing of properties that provide smoke-free environments. While the list provides information on a property's smoke-free status, it does not keep track of vacancies at any particular location.

Interested in Having Your Smoke-Free Property Listed in This Directory?

Today's renters and prospective condominium buyers are much more savvy about the problems associated with secondhand smoke exposure. Many will not accept a prompter that does not have a smoke-free policy in place.

If you have a smoke-free property you would like listed in the directory register here now.

About the Directory

There are the following types of listings in this directory:

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dark blue box All buildings and units of the complex are smoke-free; or
dark blue box One or more of the buildings of a complex are smoke- free. 
dark blue box Entire premise is smoke free.

Properties are searched by zip code.

Be sure to check back from time to time.  The directory is continuously updated, so a property not currently listed in the area you are interested in may be added at a later time.

For your convenience when details of properties are available in spanish they are listed.


The Utah State Health Department provides these listings as a public service. Please note that the information in the directory is subject to change without notice. In some cases the property on which buildings are located may also be smoke-free or there may be limited smoking permitted areas on the premises outside. Please note that we make no guarantees the units/buildings are smoke-free. We recommend that you carefully inspect properties you may be interested in and look for language in the lease that sets forth both the landlord's responsibilities and the resident's responsibilities to keep the buildings free of smoke.


How to Find a Property

To find information about the area you are interested in use the zip code index below. To find properties, enter the zip code and how far from the zip code you want to search. Properties are listed by order of zip code within each county/city.

Due to the rural, and in some instances, frontier nature of some counties, there may be few listings for some areas.

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For guides, newsletters, and flyers about implementing a Smoke-Free unit environment, check out these resources: