Utah Indoor Clean Air Act

Heated (hookah) Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

Current Status

Beginning May 8, 2012, changes in the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act went into effect that regulate the use of heated (hookah) tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

What it Means

Use of hookah products and electronic cigarettes is no longer allowed in the same locations that smoking other forms of tobacco are. There were two exemptions allowed: One for heated (hookah) tobacco product establishments that met specific criteria and applied for certification by July 1, 2012 which allows the use of heated (hookah) tobacco in the certified establishments. This exemption sunsets in 2017.

An exemption is also allowed for establishments for which the sale of e-cigarettes and substances for use in e-cigarettes constitutes at least 75% of the establishment's gross sales, has all required licenses for the possession and sale of e-cigarettes in place, and does not permit persons under the age of 19 to enter any part of the premises of the retail establishment in which e-cigarettes are sold. Establishments that meet these requirements are allowed to demonstrate the use of an e-cigarette as well as to allow customer sampling of a product sold by the retailer for use in an e-cigarette.


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